Nighthawk R7000P VLAN for non IPTV Use


Nighthawk R7000P VLAN for non IPTV Use



Recently purchased the R7000P and I'm enjoying it. 


I have a dual pihole setup for myself to block ads, but my girlfriend doesn't like that it blocks so many of the sites she goes to and doesn't want the hassle of telling me to unblock certain websites all the time, or do it herself.


Does this device's VLAN features allow me to segment my own wired and wifi traffic or by IP address to have only my own devices use a custom DNS? It doesn't look like it, but I wanted to be sure before I drop money on the GS108PEv3. 


Or, can anyone recommend a router that has both wired and wireless VLAN options? Preferably from Netgears and I've enjoyed their products over the years. POE is a plus.

Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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