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Nighthawk R7100LG Max bandwith limiter


I am testing out the QoS but it doesnt work as well as I need it to.
I need to limit specific units connected to the router with a max download/upload limit.
I am using 4G broadband, but I would like to "lock" my smart-tv and other devices to a specific max download to get lower quality as I dont want to use up all of my gigabytes on 4K movies, I am good with HD 1080p. From my PC I could always lower the quality manully, but if I am streaming a movie from my tv smart box it just automatically adjust the quality after the download speed, there is no way to choose quality. 

Specially when I am gaming online and my gf is streaming movies I can see that the TV downloads in up to 35mbit (I assume 4K video) and my ping jumps from 70-250ms. I have set all other devices in Low priority and my gaming pc as the highest, but it is till choppy.

Is there an older/newer firmware I could use to set a maximium download/upload limit?

My current firmware version is: V1.0.0.48_1.0.6

Model: R7100LG|Nighthawk 4G LTE Modem Router
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Re: Nighthawk R7100LG Max bandwith limiter

No solution for this?
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Re: Nighthawk R7100LG Max bandwith limiter

no there is not more detailed settings for this feature.



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