Nighthawk R7960P Router remote connection after reboot


Nighthawk R7960P Router remote connection after reboot

So i set up Alexa, wyze cameras, Bhive spinkler and wifi plugs through my Nighthawk R7960P router.

All was fine until a outage in my area and now my router has gone back to default settings.

The problem is im out of state and cant get back there to look at things.

Is there anyway of cennecting to the router from my phone or laptop where i am and set the stuff back up saving me from returning home.

My renter in the house has logged in and set the wifi name and passwords to what they were but i still can see any cameras or access anything as i used to.

we have restarted the devices but i cant access anything. i really dont want to have to fly back just to sort this out.

any help would be greatly appreciated.




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