Nighthawk R8000 extreme bottlneck


Nighthawk R8000 extreme bottlneck

We just had CenturyLink 1G service installed.  Testing directly from their netvanta 5660 router I get syncronus 700+ but once I connect the nighthawk router the speed suffers dramatically.  Wired or wireless, doesn't matter.  I lose over 600 Mb of bandwidth wired and wireless.  This situation is amplified once I go to the APs attached to the primary AC3200.  The APs are also AC3200 R8000 nighthawks.  All devices are upgraded to latest firmware, QoS etc. all disabled.  I have not reset the APs to default and retested as I've seen suggested some places.  I'll try that and edit the post if it helps the AP speeds but that still doesnt address the massacre of the speed at the AC3200 directly connected to the NetVanta 5660 router. I can't blame the 5660 due to the fact that the wired speeds from it are in line with expectations.The AP speeds are 10Mb or less max regardless of wired or wireless.  I'm tempted to scrap and return all the nighthawk equipment and try something more "Robust" but would love any suggestions prior to doing so.

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Nighthawk R8000 extreme bottlneck

There looks to be some issue with the early Nighthawk R8000 and them running on networks that are IPv6. I am having the same issue and have been trying to figure out what's going on since Febuary.  The only way I get "some" of the speeds back is if I turn off access control, which kind of defeats the purpose of having my own hardware. 

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