Nighthawk R8000 - not full speed


Nighthawk R8000 - not full speed



I used Xfinity internet and recently upgraded the service to 600Mbps from 175Mbps


Prior to upgrade, I get the full 175Mbps and sometimes more to 200Mbps.


After the upgrade, I only get 250 -> 330 Mbps. 


Devices connected are the usual iPads, phones, laptops for school and work. No heavy duty gaming or streaming videos or music


A technician came by my house and hooked up his meter to the modem (Netgear CM700) and confirmed I am getting the 600.


But his meter from the router also never go more than 350.


So it seems to be my router settings and from previous discussions in this thread, I checked my setup illustrated below. I am at a loss what else can be missing. 


Dynamic QoS OFF

Parental Controls OFF

Access Control OFF

Traffic Meter OFF

Firmware up to date


Thank you.







Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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