Nighthawk R800P X6S AC 4000 Total nightmare


Nighthawk R800P X6S AC 4000 Total nightmare

First of all: We cannot open a support ticker. Blank pages. Zero support

So no other way do go than on this support forum. (Yes registerd)


Gentlemen, ladies,
After a month of having tried all we could, with (online) help (and, yes, we are computer savvy) to keep the router functioning properly and error-free, unfortunately, unfortunately, we must conclude that the NetGear refuses to function in our (Mac) Network trouble free and reliable.
Really: our intention is to set this up properly, to investigate well, to devote time and implement for the long term. Unfortunately we did not succeed.
Some problems are even random and not reproducible, but especially uncertainty (quality / (unreliability of files and backups) and the changes to the workflow (workarounds/safety) that are needed now are problematic.

So can anyone help us out

Network Netgear Nighthawk X6X Tri Band, various Mac computers, iPhones, iPads and printers.
All latest software versions and all hardware is recent. Different configurations used and HDDs and hub exchanged and in / out of network. Changing ports / USB 2 - 3, with and without hub etc, etc, etc

As advertised: the R8000P is supposed to be suitable for Time Machine (Mac) and should be easily be set up here and cooperates with it

Mounting issues
It is possible to mount the external HD double; with Readyshare and with R8000P at the same time.
However: it is very bizarre: the content of the disks are not identical. Folders missing and duplicate (not very many, there are several) see attch.
In fact, if we copy files to a disk of a Readyshare mounted HD (eg 8T Seagate) and we want to put those files in the correct folders of the same HD but if R8000P mounted, then the files are copied again (they are already on the drive, only to another folder action)
The latter is not deliberate and can not be prevented, you can not see the difference in the disks in the finder, the name is the same. (Only because of the accidental situation that the custom icon of the disk is not shown in R800P (with we thinks is a problem too) but on readyshare we created a workaround and you can see a difference on the desktop icon, but the finder is used by everyone as standard so not much help).

Every day we have the following failures:
Several times a day USB HDD's loses contact at low usage. In one way or another, this influences the (internet) network functionality, so that the network / internet no longer functions. This can only be resolved by full restart of modem. After which everything runs smoothly again for a time.
At High Usage network (more copy traffic, for example) much more often USB loss and network crash. See above.

In idle / no usage at night, and after weekend, it is almost always necessary to start the router in the morning, see above.
This automatically makes backups an uncertain business, the disks are not visible to TimeMachine.
So backup is almost a manual action now instead of background / night automatically.

Other faults / problems
(note: with other router and on "old" router, these errors never occurred: use and number of users remained the same, same as external HHDs)

1. When copying, regularly hash numbers are not equal (ie copy of file corrupted and unusable). Not always but different files and regularly. Estimate 20-30%. This is horror. It is not due to the disks because on other network (s) this has never occurred and still does not occur.
2. Files not to open, not deleteable (notification: file in use but they are not), filenamen not changeable.
3. Backups (stop the time machine in the meantime or can not access the disk)
4. Color tags not shown. Very irregular (sometimes yes, more often not) not consistent. see attachment.
5. Using the disks after a period of inactivity: does not display contents of the folders anymore.
6. Using the discs after some time idle disk inaccessible and "jammed"
7. In case of copy error messages 50 and 43
8. Impossible to copy multiple (heavier) files simultaneously, almost always error messages. Files must be copied 1 by 1 manually
9. Readyshare USB printer software does not work: installation error and blank after opening (also last version does not) see Netgear support site. As a result, USB printers (eg Dymo) do not work.
10. If you unmount a disk (on all computers), the network of the router stops immediately, so that you have to restart, or sometimes it will recover itself after some time.
11. There are a few dozen empty folders on the HDs with names such as SBMC99 ~ 5. These are undeletable, but when files are mounted directly on the computer, these files are missing
12. There is a blank netgear downloader folder on each HD. This is undeletable

See Attachment

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Nighthawk R800P X6S AC 4000 Total nightmare

Hello nonfortis


I am able to get you in contact with support I sent you a PM.




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