Nighthawk R9000 Drops Connectivity


Nighthawk R9000 Drops Connectivity

This so-call smart router, has been nothing but trouble.  After updating my firmware to the latest (v1.0.5.24), it started dropping connections at least once a day.  When it drops, I can't connect to the internet until I reboot it.  Very annoying.  After I downgraded my firmware to the original factory version, it stopped dropping connections. 
But this router has a nasty security vulnerability you can read about here:  Also posted on NIST and CVE.  The articles say that the vulnerability exists on all routers with firmware prior to v1.0.4.26.  So, I updated my firmware to v1.0.4.26.  Same problem.  Dropped connections. 
I'm not sure whether to take my chances or smash this router to bits with a sledge hammer.  I'm leaning toward the later.  
Note:  I bought this router a few years ago.  After one of the antennas fell off, Netgear RMAed me a new one (thank you).  While waiting for the new one to arrive, I bought a Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD mesh router.  It is a wonder router.  I even extended it by adding an additional satellite.  I recently started using the Netgear again on a separate internet connection with a gaming PC.  After my connection started dropping, I remembered that I had this issue before and though it was a faulty antenna.  Nope!  It is faulty firmware.  Apparently Netgear no longer supports this router because it has been this way for years. 
Buyer beware!

Model: R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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