Nighthawk Router has stopped working

My Nighthawk AC 1900 Smart WiFi Router stopped distributing Internet via WiFi on Christmas Day. I am still receiving internet from my cable provider, Spectrum, and can access it by wiring my laptop directly to my modem. When my router is cabled to the modem, the modem indicates the presence of an Ethernet connection with a yellow light, but no white light indicating internet distribution.


To trouble shoot, I purchased an identical AC 1900 / R7000 unit from Microcenter yesterday and set up the unit identically to the non working one. The replacement works fine. The internet display on the router is white and internet is being distributed.


As my original Nighthawk is 7 months old; still well within the one year warranty, I wish to return it to Netgear for replacement. Please tell me how to receive a Return Authorization Number so that this may happen.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Nighthawk Router has stopped working

Click on SUPPORT at the TOP, log in or create account, and then select MY SUPPORT. Drill down and you'll find the defective h/w choice. Send a report to NG and they will get back to you. I have not looked how to specifically do this, by it is basically pretty clear on MY SUPPORT once logged in. Of course the router should have been REGISTERED before and if so, it will show there as a selection.

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Re: Nighthawk Router has stopped working

Out of curiosity, have you done a reset to defaults/factory reset on the old router, then done a fresh power up sequence of the modem and router?



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Re: Nighthawk Router has stopped working

Yes, I have done the factory reset, and the wifi light is lit... still not seeing anything on any device..

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