Nighthawk X10 Link Aggregation with ProSAFE GS108T switch


Nighthawk X10 Link Aggregation with ProSAFE GS108T switch

First I'll list what I have and how it's connected.


Nighthawk X10 in my mancave connected to my server via the 10GBe port.


AC1200 Range Extender in FastLane mode. 5GHz from router to extender and PC is connected directly to the extender.


On opposite side of house I have the ProSAFE GS108T and it's connected to the X10 via Link Aggregation.

My HTPC, VOIP device and sometimes a game console (not currently) are plugged into the ProSAFE.


Since setting up the Link Aggregation my X10 has started becoming randomly unresponsive. I have to power cycle it and when it reboots it just flashes the 6 x LAN connection lights repeatedly and nothing else. I have to unplug the 2 aggregated ports and then power cycle, plug back into the 2 ports and then I'm good to go for awhile.


Anyone have any ideas? Thanks much.


I haven't fiddled around with any of the settings in the ProSAFE yet, just established the aggregation link and left it at that. Which works great until the X10 disconnects everything and has to be reset.





Model: R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk X10 Link Aggregation with ProSAFE GS108T switch

Are you using jumbo frames on the LACP link?


If so, the GS108T MTU needs to be set for the LAG - that's done on a different screen from the port settings, and can hard to find.


Though I don't think LACP will buy you much.  Each flow still runs over just one of the two links - this prevents packet loss over the end-to-end connection.  That's done with layer-2 hash on the mac address (done outbound in both the router and the switch).  It is deterministic.  The VOIP device doesn't use enough bandwidth to matter.  There's only a 25% chance that the HTCP and the console will use different links in both directions.


So personally I think you shouldn't bother with the lag.  Instead connect the HTPC directly to a router port, and connect anything else to the GS108T.

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Re: Nighthawk X10 Link Aggregation with ProSAFE GS108T switch

Thanks. I'll configure it as you suggested and give that a shot. Hopefully it will stop the router from dropping all connections and doing whatever it is it's doing. lol

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