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Nighthawk X6 R8000P - 5G1 super slow, 5G2 fast

Just got a brand new Nighthawk X6 R8000p router yesterday. My internet speeds are 300Mbps Down/30Mbps up. My 2.4ghz band is getting around 60Mbps, 5G-1 band is EXTREMELY slow and getting between 15-40Mbps. 5G-2 is the good one getting 287Mbps download. From other threads I have read, there is a wifi multimedia box for each band that should be checked, and they are already so that's not it. Most recent firmware is loaded. Thoughts on why?? It's driving me nuts! Lol
Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk X6 R8000P - 5G1 super slow, 5G2 fast


Latest FW version is ?? (which)?  Are you gettings full speed from a device connected directly to your modem?


I am currently running




Working well for me. 


Turned off:


Traffic Meter

SMART Connect

Acces Control


Turned on:

Email of Logs



WMM checkboxes (on) not causing any issues


If you didn't flash your firmware manually, and from a machine connected via ethernet, start there.   


I've been running for a month and ran for about 10 months.  Both have been extremely reliable and stable.


Wireless performance can vary.  I would suggest using a Wifi Analyzer and fine tune selecting different channels based on performance and avoiding overlap with competing networks or neighbors.


This can be a time consuming process and you need to make changes one at a time.  I also restart the R8000P between changes when testing results.  You can do as you like, but I have found this to be the most reliable.   


Use my previous post on wireless tuning as a guide which might help:











~Comcast 1 Gbps/50 Mbps SB8200 > R8000P
~R8000P FW: ~R7000 FW:
~R6400 FW: ~Orbi-AC3000 FW:
~EX3700 FW:

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Re: Nighthawk X6 R8000P - 5G1 super slow, 5G2 fast

My firmware version is V1.4.1.50_1.3.10. I updated via my phone in the router settings.
What sucks about devices hardwired into modem is that my laptop and desktop are both 100Mbps Max on the Ethernet adapter ha Smiley Sad. Speed tests through the Nighthawk app give me close to 300. I did go ahead and turn on iPv6. Will try resetting router; I've read some things about updating firmware and the old config not jiving with it. Will try to flash firmware as well if that doesn't solve it.
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Re: Nighthawk X6 R8000P - 5G1 super slow, 5G2 fast


You don't just arbitrarily enable something like (IPv6) unless your ISP supports it.  Mine does.  You'll want to confirm support before turing it on. 


I cannot recommend flashing using ANY other procedure except manually.  Flashing with an app introduces a point of failure...  as does auto-check and update, etc.   


I went from > and did not need to reset, but resetting is normally what we recommend when unexpected behavior occurs.  The other thing you'll want to avoid is applying a saved configuration from an older FW version on top of a new one. 


In addition, older hardware and/or drivers on a wireless device can directly affect wireless performance and throughput.  Some older devices cannot perform at or even close to rated speeds.  In some cases, drivers can help, but not when the devices capability is physically limited by its hardware.


Hope you get it figured out. 

~Comcast 1 Gbps/50 Mbps SB8200 > R8000P
~R8000P FW: ~R7000 FW:
~R6400 FW: ~Orbi-AC3000 FW:
~EX3700 FW:

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