Nighthawk X8 (R8500) One 5g Band Cutting In & Out


Nighthawk X8 (R8500) One 5g Band Cutting In & Out

A house guest using my wifi to VPN told me the internet keeps going off.

 Using Wifi Explorer app to view the signal feed and see that one of the two 5g bands is cutting on and off. No visible rythmn.  On channel 44.   I believe its set to auto for channel selection. Any ideas as to what could be causing it?  No microwave running. 

If this sort of thing is happening, shouldn't the X8 switch to another channel if its set to auto?

The Thinkpad using Wifi to VPN is only 6 feet from the router.

My Apple desktop analising the Wifi signal is downstars about 20 feet away. 

Most of my home networked items are hardwired except for a couple of iOS devices and a pair TV's.  The only changes to my environment are the two Sony TV's are new and a new iPhone 12.   I'm located in a wooded area with a few nearby neighbors, not many  electronics around.   The only other thing new or change around here is a new/replaced PG&E telephone pole/electrical transformer directly in front of the home. 


After typing the info above, I took another look at the local wifi signals.  There is a new set 6 of signals from a device I've not noticed before.  The manufacturer is Arris group inc.  All 6 wifi signals are hidden amd all 6 are cutting in and out.  On the analizer, the spectrum is just zig zag lines for all 6.  3 signals are 2g and 3 are 5g.  All three 2g signals are channel 11 and All three 5g signals are on chanel 44.  So this might explain my channel 44 issue.


Now with this new info, anyone have any idea of what could be giving off this signal.  There is way more info about the device and signal available from my Wifi Explorer app, but it's all way out of my league.  Let me know of I should list anything specific to help. I'm thinking it could be from the new electrical transformer.  Also, I have a Comcast router here in bridge mode connected to the X8. I'm going to go look for vendor info on it shortly. (requires a ladder and patience, so it's gonna have to wait a bit)


Thanks. J





Model: R8500|Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band AC5300 WiFi Router
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