Nighthawk incompatible with more than one XBOX in the household.


Nighthawk incompatible with more than one XBOX in the household.

I just bought an AC3000 R7850 Nighthawk to substitute my Spectrum Modem/Router and get the best out of gaming.


I live in Florida and my company, Spectrum, does provide IPv6. I have three XBOXES at home, I generally play with my wife, so we are always in the same COD WarZone lobby. Matchmaking after the Nighthawk became a nightmare, it always finds a room, then it goes back and starts searching again, today I spent 30 minutes trying to start a match but couldn't.


When I go to Network connection on my XBOX ONE X it says its NAT is moderate, it still stuck in IPv4  and the UPnP was not successful. My wife's is the same.


So I logged into the router, and put a check on the UPnP option, put the IPv6 to auto and reserved the three IPs from my three XBOXES and Port forwarded the addresses. I also went to my XBOX and put an alternate port (The same port I forwarded in the router) and clear my MAC address). I then rebooted the router and to my surprise, it still sucks. Matchmaking was never a problem with my old Spectrum Modem/Router and I generally got an open NAT, as well as my wife. Now, it's always moderate. One thing is, last time I turned my XBOX on, it was open and everything seemed fine, but my wife's not, so I got the same matchmaking problem finding a lobby to play.


I am almost returning the router and asking Spectrum to turn on the router capabilities of my old modem again (yes, they turned it off and I am using it just as a modem with the Nighthawk as a router).


It seems like a compatibility problem with more than one XBOX in the house.


Any help? Did anyone go through this?




Model: EX8000|AC3000 Nighthawk X6S Tri Band WiFi Mesh Extender
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