Nighthawk not connecting to internet during setup


Nighthawk not connecting to internet during setup

I recently purchased a brand new ac1900 smart wifi router. During the initial setup of the router, everything works without issue until it attempts to connect to the internet. It has been unable to connect (blinking orange light for internet connection, picture attached), I have followed the reset procedures for the modem and router twice (unplugging both, waiting, replugging in modem, letting modem fully reboot, plugging in router).
I live in Japan and have au/KDDI as an internet provider. There is no issue with the modem itself. I apologize if I am leaving out any pertinent pieces of information. Thank you for the help
Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Nighthawk not connecting to internet during setup

What is the modem?

Just another user.

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Re: Nighthawk not connecting to internet during setup


@jasonpele , answering the following questions might help.


AU/KDDI Internet..  What kind of service is it?  Fiber, Cable, DSL, etc?

Is a username and password required?


What's in front of the Nightwawk as @michaelkenward asked?

Modem only? Modem / Router combo?  If the device is a modem / router combo, you may need to put it in pass-through or bridge mode.


Does is have more than one LAN port?  Can multiple devices be connected to it?


"Its been unable to connect", LED stays orange.  OK...  connect a PC to the Nighhawk via ethernet.  Open a browser and enter or


Default Username: admin

Default password: password


Advanced tab > Set Up Wizard (nav pane).

Radio button > Yes (Smart Wizard automatically detect my connection) type

Press Next....

What happens?  Error messages, etc?


We will wait for your reply.

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