Re: Nighthawk r7000 keeps getting disconnected


Re: Nighthawk r7000 keeps getting disconnected

Had the same issue with disconnecting.

Rollback my router firmware to R7000-V1.0.9.42_10.2.44, no issues so far.

For everybody who is looking where to find old firmware:


Netgear you need to QA test your firmwares before publishing it!

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Nighthawk r7000 keeps getting disconnected

Guy's we have been dealing with this crap for over a Year....Netgear doesn't give a Sh-t about this issue...! They were supposed to have some kind of Beta firmware that they were working on but as you can see that has been a BUST....!! A class Action Lawsuit should be filed on them because they won't or can't resolve the issues..!! 


The most stable firmware I have found is V1.0.4.2 I haven't had any notable disconects in recent memory.  I haven't tried V1.0.4.28 and I don't intend to until someone has the same good luck i have had with


Good luck because Netgear is NOT listening to any of YOU or your issues!!!

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Re: Nighthawk r7000 keeps getting disconnected

FWIW, and if you check previous messages in this thread, reverting to the .42 firmware version didn't stop the disconnects from happening, even if it seemed to make things better for a little while. My issue may more specific than what some people had and unfortunately I haven't found any other solution than buying a new router. It's a real shame for a midrange router like to only last 2 years (that being said the issue started in the house I moved in so it could be a bit complicated).

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Re: Nighthawk r7000 keeps getting disconnected

I had similar problem, it started after a firmware update. Every three days, the wireless would stop connecting and the VPn would disconnect and refuse to reconnect. It was like that for over a year, and no firmware update fixed it.


It is now fixed, and while I am not 100% certain this fixed it, I think it was. Try it and let us know here, because a lot of people have this problem. Here is what I stumbled across:


I disabled the qos. That made the problem even worse, it would disconnect after three hours instead of three days. So I turned the qos back on. After that, it has worked fine ever since, for over a month now.


Bottom line... disable qos, enable qos, restart at the appropriate times (your guess is as good as mine) and voila!


If this is the fix, maybe Netgear can bake something into the router firmware update program to do it automatically.

Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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