Nighthawk r7000 multiple dns settings?


Nighthawk r7000 multiple dns settings?



I've just installed my nighthawk r7000, very impressed with the ease of install etc.


Does anyone know if you can use multiple sets of DNS server settings for the two connections? So there is the 2.4ghz and the 5ghz bands, which have independent SSIDs. Can i use one to auto detect the DNS settings from ISP, and have anohter where i prescribe the settings?

Alternatively, is it possible to set up a guest ssid as the router allows, and have that use a seperate set of DNS settings?


I was hoping to have one SSID to connect to for the 'normal' connection, and another SSID to connect to when i want the DNS traffic rerouted elsewhere for those devices.


Thanks very much


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Re: Nighthawk r7000 multiple dns settings?

There is only one DNS setting for the router.  It is used for wired / wifi / guest wifi. You can config the router to use your ISP or other DNS Servers. 

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Re: Nighthawk r7000 multiple dns settings?

If OP can run utility like namebench,  he can find out best DNS for his router.

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Re: Nighthawk r7000 multiple dns settings?

@symeonc, I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish by using different DNS servers for each of your networks.  DNS queries are typically relayed to an authority server for the domain being looked up.  That is, the DNS lookup will ultimately go to the same place.  Furthermore, most of the major DNS servers on the Internet are multi-homed via IP Anycast addresses and use sophisticated load balancing algorithms to return IP addresses for machines that are combination of the following: closest to you, least loaded, and/or reachable through an uncongested network.  In other words, no matter what DNS server you point to, the result will often be the same.  


As @VE6CGX hinted, there is some value in picking the closest DNS server in order to minimize lookup latency.  This will often be your ISP's DNS server.  Many people are bothered by their ISP profiling them based on DNS lookups for targeted advertising and choose to use different DNS servers at the expense of some latency.  Even if you don't use the ISP's DNS server, the ISP can probably still profile you since DNS is, by default, unencrypted.


Having said all this, you can install 3rd party firmware, like DD-WRT, onto your R7000.  DD-WRT has a powerful DNS program called dnsmasq.  I'm pretty sure it can be set up to use different DNS servers for each network.

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Re: Nighthawk r7000 multiple dns settings?

I am guessing he is running DNS services like Unotelly. It would be nice to be able to configure ISP based DNS servers for regular traffic and Unotelly DNS servers for devices like Apple TV, Roku ect.

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Re: Nighthawk r7000 multiple dns settings?

You can manually configure the DNS servers on many devices, including the Apple TV.  OTOH, the Roku is hard coded to use Google's DNS servers.

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