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Nighthawk r7300 no internet Spectrum E31t2v1

I switched to Spectrum yesterday and my Nighthawk R7300 will no longer get an internet connection from the Technicolor E31t2V1.  The technition struggled to get it working yestrday, grabbed a new modem and it worked. I called Spectrum today because I was not revieving inbound phone calls and they reset the router.  At that point I lost internet. I litterly did not touch a thing.  UGHH  2 hours later I was basically told Spectrum is not responsible for 3rd party routers etc.   I have good hardwirded internet to my PC etc.  No issue.  I just get get past the orange light on the nighhawk.  I did a pin reset as guided by one of the spectrum helper this am, that didn't do anything but reset me back to the default log in and password.  Sooo  I have turned everything off and rebooted it in the correct order, waited 2 minutes between each device and can not get the Modem and router to play nice together. Amber internet light and n intenet connection out of the night hawk.  Not hard wired not wifi.  I read some stuff about spoofing the MAC address on the box but I don't know how to connect it or how to do that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is soooo Frustrating. 



Model: R7300DST|AC1900 DST Router and DST Adapter
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