Nighthawk x4s connection interruptions (very short)


Nighthawk x4s connection interruptions (very short)

I've had my nighthawk a bit over a year.  All the latest firware installed as far as I know.  My internet service is fibreoptic what used to be Verizon FIOS now Frontier FIOS.  The original Verizon equipment was somebody I've never heard of.  I started having very short (2-5 seconds) connection interruptions.  The netgear is connected to the provider router (plugged into the yellow port).


I have a little program that pings a couple of common web sites and logs when the pings don't return (thus connection loss) had about 12 in the month it's been running no real rhyme or reason.  Support call to Frontier, person said they showed a fault on their equipment, short story they came out and replaced everything, the router, the battery backup which I think is only for the phone service that I don't have, etc.  I put the netgear back in the setup as it was, netgear to their router wired computer into the netgear.  The connection "hiccups" stopped for a few days and then have started up again.  


As a test because we all "know" frontier will immediately claim their innocence I plugged the wired computer back into the provider router (another brand I've never heard of).  I've left the netgear in the loop because I have several wireless items and I'd need to change it all if I started using the undoubtedly crappy provider wireless of their router.  Haven't had a hiccup in two days.


So the question must be...any ideas of the cause and how can I prove my router is working right.  I have checked for firmware updates a few times.  As this is across two different provider routers I think we can eliminate products that hate each other.  The cable to the computer is the same I think we can eliminate that, the cable between their router and the netgear is brand new, had it in my spares box but it is undoubtedly cat 5 not cat 6 which shouldn't make a difference????  I bought the best buy warranty but they apparently aren't carrying this exact model anymore looks like they have the x6 which is probably what they'd replace it with.  


Any thoughts????




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Re: Nighthawk x4s connection interruptions (very short)

Are you going by just pings as to drops? That is not a good test. Pings use ICMP which is not a guaranteed delivery. If things get a little busy or something else pings will be dropped. So not a good indicator of network. 

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Re: Nighthawk x4s connection interruptions (very short)

I thought I'd responded to this but I don't see my response now so here goes again.  Ok I'll bow to your greater knowledge but the fact remains that when the computer is wired to the nighthawk I am getting short connection interruptions when I plug the computer back into frontier's router I do not get them.  There are three other things in my house that might be on the wifi but not simultaneously (another pc that isn't always on, a laptop again not always on, my google fi android phone that connects to wifi when available for data so not burning cell data dollars).  I use security so no one should be wardriving off me.  How can i prove this is not the nighthawk causing this.  Frontier already changed all the stuff out a lot of which was a leftover from when verizon owned the fios.  I have checked for firmware updates, changed cables etc. doesn't help.  About to take it back to best buy to change it out.

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi Router
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