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No such file or directory randomly occurs while browsing web

I got this NIghthawk router yesterday in order to replace the router provided by my ISP (Orange France). After many attempts it seems not possible to remove the ISP router. So in the end I've just turned off the wifi function of that one and set the R7800 as an access point. Just for background info, I'm doing this because the built in wifi router is not very good. It works well in the same room, but anywhere else in the apartment I get a very weak signal, it's not a very big apartment, with the R7800 it works fine in the whole apartment. So that much is good, although I randomly get "No such file or directory" when browsing. I'm not using any of the file sharing or other services, based on my searches this error comes up with the file sharing, but this is more like I search something in Google, and whatever I open up gives me this error. After enough refreshes it seems to go away.


I read some other posts that it might be a DNS issue. I'm not convinced though since the computer is getting the same DNS as the ISP router,, and I never had this problem before. I've also updated the firmware to, the router doesn't find a newer version although on this site I found a version 52. When I try to upload that it just says "please wait a moment" forever so I gave up on that. I've noticed with that firmware the router itself has as DNS, although on my computer the DNS is still correct, I read in another post about this TFTP thing for the firmware issue. If this problem persists though I'll probably be returning this router within the week.



Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: No such file or directory randomly occurs while browsing web

After further testing, if I disable IPv6 on the ISP router this seems to resolve the issue. Not really sure why, but been about 2 days now and haven't seen the issue so I think this is the cause. 

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