Not Connected?


Not Connected?

I just bought a R7000 and seem to be having a few issues.

When I first set it up I thought everything was ok but on the routers home page it says not connect to the internet. For the record the wireless window isn't actually blank I erased the network name from the pic.

When I clicked on it it took me to the basic settings page and the addresses were blank. I clicked apply and the addresses were populated. When I went back to the home screen it said "connected" but when I leave the page and come back it says "not connected" but I can surf the internet.

I also noticed that when I highlight the wifi icon in the taskbarr on my laptop my network name has a number next to it. Where it said "NETWORK NAME" before it now says "NETWORK NAME 3".

I tried forgetting the network and logging in again but it still says "NETWORK NAME 3". I'm thinking this might have something to do with my problems but I'm not sure.

I also can't get a ipv6 connection. I have set to autoconfig. I get a ipv6 address on WAN but on LAN it says not available. If I plug my laptop into my Comcast gateway I can get ipv6. I thought the Comcast Ipv6 issue was worked out?

Also I've tried using the Netgear genie to setup the router and I get a connection issue error but if i set it up myself well I can get on the internet even thought the routers home page says "Not connected".
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Re: Not Connected?

For IPv6 on Comcast, try "DHCP" for "Internet Connection Type", and "Autoconfig" for "Ip Address Assignment". Works for me with Comcast.

If I use "Autoconfig" for "Internet Connection Type", I get what you get, no LAN address.

So it should work if you're careful about checking the right boxes.
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