Only certain ports forward


Only certain ports forward

I can only forward 3389 (custom), 12794 (OpenVPN default), and remote management (8443).

If I change the default OpenVPN and remote management port and test the port on a port checker I get a "success" message, and I am actually able to access the service remotely.

For example, changing the remote management port to 5900 via the "Port Number" dialog is a success.

Adding a custom port forward (other than 3389) like 5900 (vnc) does not work.

Why is this happening?
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Re: Only certain ports forward

You may have got yourself I some sort of error condition. I have several port forwarding rules in place, all of which are working. If your configuration doesn't appear to be working as expected, start over (clean slate). A hard reset often resolves these unexplainable issues.
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Re: Only certain ports forward

Hard reset meaning a 30/30/30? Or just pressing the reset button? Thank you
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Re: Only certain ports forward

any of should work. 20/20/20 or 10sec, 60 sec.

see router reset on my sig below for your options .
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Re: Only certain ports forward

Router was returned after multiple resets. Now everything works well. Hopefully the R8000 fixes these little issues.
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