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Open Ports and IP addresses

I live in an area with extremely poor cell phone service.  As result I have a cell phone network extender from Verizon that connects to the router.  I am now told I need to open/unblock over a dozen non-contiguous ports and add huge list of IP addresses that need to be unblocked.  How is this done?

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Open Ports and IP addresses

Share the document with the config requirements.

By rule of thumb, you need to add a MAC-IP reservation fort the carrier device so it will alwyas get the same LAN IP, then add port forwardings for the ports required. As the Netgear consumer equipment lacks of  WAN/Internet->LAN firewall rule config, you can't restrict the usage of these port to the carier IP address(es).

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