PPPoE is not working with AC2400 router


PPPoE is not working with AC2400 router

I recently tried to change my connection from DHCP to PPPoE because of NAT issues affecting online gaming. This was recommended by my ISP due to their security system causing a moderate NAT type. After my ISP set up bridge mode and changed to a PPPoE connection and I ran through the setup wizard as well as attempting multiple times to manually set up the internet connection my self with the login and settings provided by my ISP for PPPoE. My router would connect however when you ran a speed test or attempted to browse a web page the connection would drop to kbps or completly disconnect. My ISP said some setting in my router is encrypting the data bieng sent between the radios, they were seeing a message that read "stateless encryption". Has anyone ever ran into this issue or know anything about it? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: PPPoE is not working with AC2400 router

Which ISP is this? There may be a fellow sufferer here.


The technical support at many ISPs leaves a lot to be desired. So I wouldn't take their word as gospel.They just love passing the buck to routers.


Have they said anything about what this "setting in my router [that] is encrypting the data"?


There is support for the AC2400, including a manual, at the end of this link:


>>>AC2400 | Product | Support | NETGEAR<<<



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Re: PPPoE is not working with AC2400 router

The ISP is Speed of Light Broadband. They said they have several subscribers using Netgear products and have never had this issue before. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with Netgear support and their final diagnosis was that there is a problem with the firmware. A replacement router was shipped and should arrive today. I will attempt the process with the replacement router today and update the post with the results. Thank you for the reply.
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