Packetloss on R7200


Packetloss on R7200

Been getting packetloss in All games including discord voice chat, I have had multiple techs come out from my ISP, (COX) and they say my connection is very good, and they can't see any reason why I should be getting packetloss at all, I have tried 2 different modems, from cox, they provide a modem, it is gigabit capable. 32 channels also. I have tried to buy a new NIC card and same problem, Packetloss, packetloss, packetloss. I have attached the ping plotter, I had a tech come out today and said I should contact NETGEAR and ask them to see if they can do anything, cause he had a customer have a NETGEAR Router and he had issues, and they (NETGEAR) had connected to the modem and his PC and changed settings and everything was fixed can that be done for me?? I really need this, Been having this issue for over 2-2.5 years, I really want to play games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc with 0 packetloss. Any and all information is helpful.

Model: AC2100|Nighthawk AC2100 Smart WiFi Router
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