Re: Phone Line Connection With XR500


Phone Line Connection With XR500

Hey all,


I'm having difficulties trying to get my home phone connected to the Netgear Nighthawk XR500

We went out to purchase a RJ45 to RJ11 convertor adapter but I'm still having issues getting this setup. Once I plugged it into the XR500 no lights were popping up to indicate that the ethernet port was activated and in use.


Any help is greatly appreciated




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Re: Phone Line Connection With XR500

The XR500 isn't a dsl modem. Its a router only device. 

Using a rj45--rj11 adapter doesn't add those features. 


You could always check into getting an VOIP service like ooma if you wanted voice capability. 

Or check with your isp. Some modem/gateways have integrated voice capabilities. 

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Re: Phone Line Connection With XR500

@AresZ wrote:


Any help is greatly appreciated



As @plemans says, your router can do nothing with telephones. Different technology.


Netgear sells cable modems with voice capability. But they depend on the sort of Internet service you have and the company that provides it.


Talk to your phone company and/or Internet service provider.

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