Plain text password admin panel


Plain text password admin panel

R7800, firmware

Prior to purchasing the Nighthawk, I wish I had known that the wi-fi password was displayed plain-text on the home page for admin panel GUI. In a word, it's dumb.

I see number of posts going back several years, requesting a change and yet nothing's done (heck, even a toggle for display), but obviously Netgear either (a.) doesn't understand security, or (b.) doesn't believe in it.

Understandably, even if the password was 3 layers deep, if someone got access to the router they could still find it, but having it on initial page after login is just frustrating.

If something so simple is overlooked, has me concerned what other security aspects are overlooked.

Please, for the love of security, remove it from the Home page!

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi Router
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Re: Plain text password admin panel

Hi Kumazatheef,


It is how it was designed. You have the option to change the password of your admin page.


You may post your suggestion under Idea Exchanged board section of the community.

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Re: Plain text password admin panel

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