Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000


Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000

Has anyone port forwarded a nighthawk R7000 for CCTV. I am having issues doing so and am not too sure if I am doing something wrong or my isp (iiNet) wont allow this to happen. I want to be able to see my cctv cameras on the app. I can logon when I am on my wifi at home, but cannot logon out of the house due to the port being blocked Im guessing. When I run the router in Router mode it sees the DVR under connected devices but when I run it in AP mode so I can port forward the DVR never shows up under the connected devices.


A step by step instruction would be handy if someone knows how to do this. I dont work in IT.



Thanks for your help

John C.

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Re: Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000

I use an iDVR-Pro dvr and it requires two ports forwarded to work.  It works perfectly.  Each DVR brand will be different so you should check out you DVR manufacturers website for the specific instructions.  I use 2 R7000, one as the main network router and the second as an AP for extended range.


Don't understand your comment that you must use AP mode to port forward your dvr.  Port forwarding would occur in your main router, not an AP. Sounds like your DVR is still connected to your main router so you may not see it when running your r7000 in AP mode.  If your isp modem is also a router, it should be set to bridge mode to properly use the R7000, many issues can arrise with multiple routers on the same network.  Each network can only have one router, though you can set up multiple networks.  Need more info concerning your splecific configuration.

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Re: Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000

To get my six Hikvision cameras to be seen from my Android app whilst out I had to first of all disable the UPNP featrue from the router as it had alreay assigned port 8000 - needed for the cams. I could have worked around that but I prefer to sort out my own port forwarding as needed, and so didn't care much for leaving UPNP active.


I just the enabled a custom port forward using both protocols and the IP address of my NVR and the port 8000.


I checked to see if that port was then open and it was.


I then used the Hikvision Android app to connect to my NVR from my own external, but static, IP address and port 8000 and it worked fine.


The above principles are the same when using any router and CCTV combination (some routers might not have UPNP though) so is your problem specific to the Nighthawk or have you never been able to do this...? You should find a guide / instructions from the hardware manufacturers of your security system / Cams etc.



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Re: Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000

What type of internet service do you have? (cable, DSL, etc).

It may be that the modem to your service is also acting as a router, and is actually blocking all ports. You can usually tell by seeing what IP address you have for the WAN (not LAN) port of the R7000. If it is a private IP address (10.0.0.x or 192.168.x.x), then your modem is actually the router.

If this is the case, then to get port forwarding, you would either have to do it in the modem and run the R7000 in AP mode, or you would have to get the modem put into bridge mode (where it performs no NAT or routing functions), then run the R7000 in router mode and have it handle the port forwarding.


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Re: Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000

We have cable internet service with a Ubee DDW365 modem. It has 4 Ethernet ports on it. We have 2 computers plugged into 2 of the ports and the nighthawk plugged in one port. With one port open. I have the Samsung DVR plugged into the Ethernet port on the nighthawk router.
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Re: Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000

It appears that your cable modem is acting as a router, only one modem internet port would work if it was set to bridge mode. This means you have two routers on your network which is likely to be the cause of your port forwarding issues.


I would suggest you set you modem to bridge mode (may have to get your provider to do that), cable the modem to the R7000 and then plug all net clients into the R7000.  Then all port forwarding setup can be handled in the R7000 and you won't have any of those pesky dual NAT issues.

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Re: Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000

How open port 8000
In model. DGND3700v2
Please need help
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Re: Port Forwarding for CCTV on a R7000

Hi Eduardo17,


You can check this KB article on how to do port forwarding.

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