Problem getting support


Problem getting support

I hate to post here but I haven't been able to get help through normal support channels. I purchased a Nighthawk router through the Netgear store but when I recieved it, it was a reconditioned model. I called Netgear and they admitted it was their fault I wasn't shipped a new model. Now I'm waiting for an RMA but I'm getting the run around. I've been asked for the serial number of the router which I posted back a few times. I've gone extended periods without any contact back from support and all I want is to return it. I'm hoping the problem is with a support contractor and not Netgear itself but either way Netgear should have someway to oversee this type of problem. The support ticket is: 43440727

Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Problem getting support

Did you ever get this resolved with support?



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