Re: Problem with HDD drives


Problem with HDD drives

Hi everyone,

I got two problems using my Nighthawk. I got an old 500gb WD My Book attached to the USB2 port to use as TimeMachine. And on the USB3 I got a new 3TB WD My Book attached for my files and especially to use as dlna media server.

Anyway I have several issues using them.

    Do you have any idea how to solve my problems?

    Thank you very much for your support in advance.

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Re: Problem with HDD drives

Somehow it seems that the HDD gets stuck from time to time and i can not access it. The problem occurs about one time an hour. Overall with this issue it is not fun working with the router.
I really do not know what to try.
I really hope one of you guys can help me.
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Re: Problem with HDD drives

You'd be happier in the long run if you bought a NAS and gave up on trying to make a router a media/storage device. It just doesn't work in all cases. Their is plenty to read on this subject and your issue is nothing new.

Search the forums and you'll find plenty of post on this subject. Some suggest reformatting drives as an option.
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Re: Problem with HDD drives

There are many problems with NTFS HDDs connected to the R7000 because of data corruption. Most of those problems get solved by formatting the external hard drives into EXT 3 or EXT4. Maybe is worth the try Lots of information here: I hope it helps
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Re: Problem with HDD drives

Since Netgear is promoting the dlna support for the R7000 i thought it work well. I have thought about a NAS as well. Which would you recommend?

None of the attached drives is formatted in NTFS. They are both HFS+. The one for the machine has to be in that data system anyway. Otherwise it would not work.
But I'll try EXT3/4 for the other drive. Thx.
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