R6400 not reaching 1Gbps speed after upgrade


R6400 not reaching 1Gbps speed after upgrade

I had been using AT&T 300Mbps and recently upgraded to 1000Mbps.  If i connect directly to the modem i do see around 900+Mbps, but only see 240~Mbps when either wired or on the 5GHz wifi.  I'm on the latest firmware and have rebooted both devices a few times now with no change.  Any thoughts how to get it to switch to the gig speed?

Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R6400 not reaching 1Gbps speed after upgrade

Did you ever try a full factory reset on the router?



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Re: R6400 not reaching 1Gbps speed after upgrade

Properly designed firmware would never, or rarely, require a reset and reconfigure to make things, maybe work. I never have had to reset my Ubiquiti router after install. Have done numerous firmware updates and never a reset. 


Is Netgear ever going to get their firmware act together? There appears to be no oversight, no test for known problems being fixed, no QA before post/ship. The 3rd party firmware engineers should be fired as they have proven they do not have a clue. The poor firmware is what drove me away from Netgear. Used to be my go to. 

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