R6400v2 5ghz no longer showing up


R6400v2 5ghz no longer showing up

So, yesterday my 5ghz and 2.4 were working just fine. I wake up today and only the 2.4 is available. I have spent all day working on this to no avail.


OUT OF WARRANTY: over 18 months old, and netgear wants 90$ to even talk to me. My isp refers me to netgear.


model: R6400v2 

Firmware: v1.0.4.106_10.0.80


I have tried soft and hard reboots. 

Tried factory reset (pin in the little hole)

I've read the manual, double checked all settings, nothing different.

Tried rolling back firmware to last 3 versions using netgear's website.


5ghz shows active and transmitting on the routerlogin portal, and on the nighthawk app.

But all devices that yesterday could see 5ghz and connect to it (3 iphones, roku tv, samsung tv, firestick tv) can not today.


radio transmitter 5ghz is enabled on settings. we forgot all networks and attempted to rejoin. works fine on 2.4, but 5ghz does not appear. I have tried changing channels on 5ghz to every setting, no change. LED light is on, green and flickering as normal.


this was an expensive router, relatively new, and i have a 1gb internet, but 2.4 only allows up to 450mb. I have lost half my internet speed with 5ghz going out. 


I need some help. Am i missing something?


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Re: R6400v2 5ghz no longer showing up



Same model, same problem, same warranty....I have losen the 5G option and also, in the afternoon, I use to lose internet connection in all devices, but the lights shows on....

I don't know what it is going on...

I hope someone respond our issue..

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Re: R6400v2 5ghz no longer showing up

After refusing to pay 90$ to have Netgear diagnose the problem in a router only 7 months old, I took it to a repair guy who diagnose the problem as a failure of the Radio Transmitter. Which is what I suspected, but wasn’t going to pay 90$ to even use the warranty.

So I threw that piece of junk away, got a new modem through my isp, and I have better speed and coverage then I ever had with Netgear, when it did work...

I will never buy another Netgear. Faulty devices, terrible customer service, shady warranty practices designed to take more money from you. Never again!
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Re: R6400v2 5ghz no longer showing up

Thank you so much for your response!

I was thinking to do the same, but I refused because it is brand new...after your advice, I will do, because this stuff is always a problem...


I will never buy another Netgear. Product and technical support far from desirable.

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