R6700 v2 slow Wifi speed (20M Down / 10M up) & wired LAN/WAN is 300MB?


R6700 v2 slow Wifi speed (20M Down / 10M up) & wired LAN/WAN is 300MB?

I have a R6700v2 router that is ~2 years old Ithink.  I've been noticing my wifi speeds are very slow.  I have confirmed that the LAN and WAN are at full speed.  Currently have 300MB fiber from ATT.  Via multiple speed test apps the wired LAN and the WAN hold at ~300MB up and down.  However, via testing on multiple devices all independantly (my laptop that has a new wifi card in it, my Xbox One, a PS4, an iPhone 8, and an iPad) the wifi speeds are only about 50M down & up at best.  NOTE:  I made sure that each device was the ONLY device on the wifi network.   In some cases it goes down to 20MB or worse.


I did notice the new firmware update has taken effect.  Please note I researched this last night and also made sure that...

1.  My ehternet cables are good

2.  QoS is off

3.  Firmware is the latest and it has taken effect and I even hard reset the router

4.  MTU is set at what ATT requires

5.  Placement of Router is good and open


I even tried making use of an older version of firmware and that didn't help either.  ARGH!


Would really love some assistance on how to resolve so that my wifi speeds are up to par.  


Thanks in advance!



Model: R6700v2|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R6700 v2 slow Wifi speed (20M Down / 10M up) & wired LAN/WAN is 300MB?

Did you adjust the wireless channels? also did you make sure some old wifi device is not connected to the network slowing down the network?



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Re: R6700 v2 slow Wifi speed (20M Down / 10M up) & wired LAN/WAN is 300MB?

I know this is about a month old - but if you haven't already gotten it working, try turning QoS on. (If you did already get it working, without enabling QoS, I would love to know what you did)


I was having the same issue on my R7000 at work and was getting 40-50mbps on the 5gz as well as the 2.4ghz band. Wired I was getting 320-350. OEM Netgear firmware, updated, and I turned QoS off when I initially set it up.  I read somewhere online that to get AC speeds (at least with the Netgear routers), you had to have QoS on, otherwise you'd be limited to ~G speeds. Doesn't make any sense to me, but I turned it on, and sure enough, I was getting 280 with my intel 8260 wifi card on my laptop. 


I checked my home router, which is the R6700 like you have, and sure enough, with the default QoS on, I was getting full wifi speeds.


I had another R7000 when they first came out - but I also flashed it to DD-WRT pretty quickly, did not use QoS, and the speeds were a little slower than the netgear firmware (150 on a 200mbps connection as opposed to 180 with the netgear). I also had an older wifi card at the time. You would think QoS could only make things worse, especially if you're only testing it with one device, but apparently, at least with the netgear firmware, you need it for AC wireless speeds.

Model: R6700v2|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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