Re: R6700v2 2.4Ghz WiFi issues

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R6700v2 2.4Ghz WiFi issues

I am really pissed by Netgear. I have never had a router that can be so unreilable. I have a lot of smart devices and can only connect to 2.4GHz. The netgear R6700v2 keeps having issue with 2.4GHz. Every 2-3 days it stops working. All devices show incorrect password unless I reboot the stupid router. I have few netgear devices. After the experience with this expensive but useless router, I am done with the brand. I am looking for a new mesh network device for a reliable wifi environment. I really want to smash this nighthawk to end of my nightmare!

Model: R6700v2|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk D7000 2.4Ghz WiFi issues

I found he ultimate solution, I replaced the D7000 with an Actiontec 3000A and connected the D7000 as a wired accesspoint. Been 2 months and not a single dropout or hick up. As a primary modem-router the D7000 is a crap, as an access point it works great.

Model: D7000v1|Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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Re: R6700v2 2.4Ghz WiFi issues

Well, instead of smashing it, I'll take it off you hands.   I'm looking for a 6700 to do some third party firmware flashes to.  Maybe you want to look at some pro-sumer gear like Ubiquiti where you can deploy several relatively low cost AP's for good coverage through a house, but plan on running wire!


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