R6700v2 Router has page with a paragraph in Russian about OpenVPN


R6700v2 Router has page with a paragraph in Russian about OpenVPN

I have an ~2 year old NETGEAR R6700v2 router, that is at least moderately up to date on firmware. I definitely updated it when I installed it in this house in June, and I have a vague memory of also doing it within the last ~3 months. Have had no problems or odd behavior with it before this.


Opened up my phone this morning, and websites wouldn't load. Went to wifi settings, and when I disconnected/reconnected, it redirected me to However, instead of the normal admin login page, it has a paragraph of text in Russian (image). I screenshot-ed, turned off wifi on my phone, and went and unplugged the router and modem. The 10 second translation from my Russian-speaking partner is "Warning: your router is connected to a new OpenVPN packer configuration which increases the safety of your internet connection," but he's going to get me a more complete translation when he has a chance.


My assumption is that a message in russian saying that I'm now safer almost certainly means I am far less safe.


The weird part is that I can't find anything similar online. There was the Russian VPNFilter malware last spring, but that was apparently not actually this model either (source) and the firmware has absolutely been upgraded since then.


I assume that at least a factory reset is called for. How likely is it that that takes care of this? Do I assume that the modem and all connected devices are also suspect?



ETA a more complete translation:

Attention: A new OpenVPN configuration package is available for your router which increases the safety of your router. It is necessary to update the configuration package OpenVPN for your router. After the update of the Open VPN configuration packet, it will be necessary to update this packet in all your client devices; as previously configured they will be unable to connect to your router using VPN functions.
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Re: R6700v2 Router has page with a paragraph in Russian about OpenVPN

Do you have remote management enabled? If so, you might been hacked by the pesky Russians. Unless someone has changed the firmware GUI language to Russian

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