R6700v2 problem with wifi SID "auto-switching"

I'm trying to wrap my head around this. When I first connect to wifi I have "full bars" (433 Mbps in wifi status) on my stationary pc. After some time playing a game or whatnot my connection goes to crap- lag, disconnect, etc. and now it shows less than "full bars". Wifi status has the connection down to ~50 or sometimes less.


There appear to be two mac addresses (BSSIDs) for 5ghz and another two for 2.4 in the Windows Networks Diagnostics troubleshooting report. It also shows the signal strengths. For the two 5ghz ids one strength is -74 and the other is -36. I can open the netgear app on my phone and see this correlation. If I move my phone away eventually it only shows the "better" BSSID.


What appears to be happening is that when I first connect I'm hooked up to the -36 (good quality) mac id and then at some point the router is handing me off to the terrible one and sometimes I can force it back by disconnecting and reconnecting and sometimes I have to take extra steps. How do I get this to stop? This was happening before and after I updated to the most recent firmware. I've tried moving the router. I've made sure my wifi card is updated. I've always understood that closer to the router is better for 5ghz band, so it seems counter to consider moving it away.


And on an educational note, does anyone know why are there two 5ghz BSSIDs- particularly one with a bad signal and one with a good signal?


I've attached a snip of the report just to illustrate the difference in signal on the two 5g ids (the top two).

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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