R6700v3 preloaded Express VPN


R6700v3 preloaded Express VPN

This router was bought because it was supposed to have Express VPN preloaded on it. However when trying to watch content on my I pad from the UK I was told it was not available in my location (Spain). If the router has Express VPN preloaded how do I tell it to locate me in London, England.
Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R6700v3 preloaded Express VPN

This forum is for the official NETGEAR firmware only. Ask the folks of ExpressVPN, which is third party

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Re: R6700v3 preloaded Express VPN

like @microchip8 says, expressvpn is a 3rd party firmware. its not official. 

So if you bought it from expressvpn, it might have it preloaded and just need to be turned on/activate/whatever. Check with expressvpn on that. 

or you can installi to it but it'll void your warranty and potentially brick your device.


but for either, you need to go through expressvpn since its 3rd party firmware. You'll also only get support on there

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