R6900P Bandwidth Reduction

Just upgraded from a 4720 N router to a AC1900 R6900P today. Ran into a problem. When the QoS feature is enabled, my bandwidth is cut in half. Instead of receiving 400 Mbps during the speedtest, I don't even get half. Once I disable the QoS feature, I easily receive 400+ Mbps. I'm not sure why this is occurring. I really expected the QoS feature to be more robust. There isn't anything pulling data through the router as I just deployed it. Only my desktop is connected to it. Firmware is updated. The one thing I didn't do was to add my own upstream and downstream data. I let the speedtest do it auto. Any suggestion would be great. Thanks

Model: R6900P|Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router with MU-MIMO
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Re: R6900P Bandwidth Reduction

Currently, IMHO Netgear QoS is crap. With the speed you are describing you should not need QoS. I would give it a try without and I bet you find it is not needed. QoS was developed for when folks had slow Internet speeds. My first one was a  whole 1.544Mbps. Smiley Wink

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Re: R6900P Bandwidth Reduction

Yea, I was messing more around with the router and somehow looked over the ability to prioritize devices based on QoS. It does seem weak to me. I actually adjusted most devices to where my PC is now receiving just about the expected bandwidth. For some reason, the QoS feature placed my wife's kindles as high priority and our cell phones. Oh well, thanks for the reply.

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