R700 Connectivity Issues



I have had my R7000 router for a little over a year now. The router has been nearly perfect, until this last week. I pay for 50Mb/s and upon running a speed test I am only generating around 1-10Mb/s.

I run both the AC and N signals and have noticed that the AC is absolutely useless at this point. The service is so bad it is not even worth connecting to.

The distance the router has to push to is at most 40ft. I have tried updating firmware, factory reseting the router, changing QoS settings, and nothing seems to be doing the trick. I gave up on the AC last night and left just the 2.4GHz network. It appeared that when I switched to just the one network it was even worse. Last week, I was able to get service about 200 ft away in the parking lot and now I can't even watch a show on the internet without it buffering (15ft). The biggest frustration pertains to the gaming advertisment of the router. It is nearly impossible to have 2-3 Xbox's running this last week and for the entire last year it ran 5 at once with ease.


I appreciate any thoughts or ideas.

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: R700 Connectivity Issues

@arlogs wrote:
The distance the router has to push to is at most 40ft.


That's a pretty long stretch. What happens when you are nearer to the router?

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Re: R700 Connectivity Issues

I would say that being closer used to help when this started but now devices 6 feet away have streaming issues. It appears only one device has been unaffected and it’s literally right next to the router and it’s a DVD player. I did instill an older version of firmware and that seemed to help a bit but didn’t directly solve the isssue.
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