Re: R7000 .88 firmware settings that work...for me.


R7000 .88 firmware settings that work...for me.

As so many of us have been having trouble with the R7000 and the .88 firmware I thought I'd post what has worked for me. NG support actually reached out to me, after a b*tched up a storm on the forums, then ghosted me after "have you turned it off and on again" didn't work. -_-

I've been messing around with the .88 firmware switching between it and the .42 firmware. I've been running the .88 firmware now for a week without needing a reset, which has been a first for me. I really wanted to get the .88 firmware to work becasue I'm a stickler for any kind of security update. Without NG actually pulling the fimrware, I thought that there must be some people who are not aware of any issues. Maybe...


Factory reset by using a paperclip, and holding the small button in for 30 seconds (Too many people are confusing the power button with the reset button); Smartconnect, Armor, parental controls, guest network all off. QoS on, but set by mac address/device only and only setting the highest priotity devices. Set internet speed manually in QoS. Readyshare on basic, if you have an exteral USB 3 HDD. Auto update off.  DNS and IP set to default, from the ISP. Everythign else as it was set as default, except of course for the SSID and passwords.  Nothing ground breaking, but this is what I got to after a few weeks of casually messing around and doing a few resets. Basically, I don't think you want the router to have to figure anything out.


I have a maximum of 15 devices, no kids, and a 100MB fibre line. Losing the ability to browse my newtork HDD through my smart TV was a pain, but I also have a Chromecast so now just browse with Android VLC on my phone and cast to the TV. The way this update has been handled I think makes it pretty clear that this product is beyond the lifespan of NG caring about it, so I hope this helps someone. I know that I'll be moving on sometime as I've had this for 4 years or so, but the router seems to be fine for now.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 .88 firmware settings that work...for me.

Do you have any DHCP IP reservations?

Did you rename any of the devices on the attached devices list?


These are the things that seem to cause the router to choke and die when I was trying to get to work. I had about 45 IP reservations each with a custom device name. I suspect there is a buffer overflow somewhere in the management of client device lists.

R7000 is in the recycle bin
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Re: R7000 .88 firmware settings that work...for me.

I renamed all my devices, and do not have and DHCP IP reservations.

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