R7000 / AC1900 Drops Connection After 10 Minutes


R7000 / AC1900 Drops Connection After 10 Minutes

I bought my Nighthawk AC1900 / R7000 router a little over 3 months ago and up until a week ago it had not dropped signal once. However a week ago it started consistently dropping my internet connection 10-15 minutes after a reboot. I’ll plug it back in, it will work perfectly for 10-15 then completely drop connection, however all the normal lights on the router will stay on as if it was working properly. A factory reset did not solve the problem and now I’m looking for another solution?
Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 / AC1900 Drops Connection After 10 Minutes

What is your firmware version, number not something like latest. 


Just a guess, but suspect you have auto update on and the r7000 got the latest update. Netgear is not putting out stellar firmware right now. Ongoing bug issues not fixed and maybe even new ones. 


For the r7000 most folks suggest the .42 firmware. 


Modem CM2050V
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