R7000 - Android device wifi issues


R7000 - Android device wifi issues

I've been using the R700 for about 1 week. There are five devices connected to it. 1 PC (cabled), 1 smartphone (samsung s6) and laptop (both connected via wifi) are fine with no issues. However there are also 2 very old smartphones both running android 2.2 that have issues. They see the network and join it but there is no internet. The weird thing is if I log into the router then suddenly the internet works on both devices. It's as if logging into the router triggers something. Then when I log out it usually stops working (though it shows it's still connected to the wifi). If I do establish a connection but then disconnect from the network on purpose when I try to connect again there is no internet. We use these phones for messaging apps and alarms so they are useful. I've updated firmware and tried literally every setting in the router I could think of.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: R7000 - Android device wifi issues

OK so I installed an older firmware (V1.0.2.194_1.0.15) and the issue is now resolved. I can confirm that any firmware updates beyond this will not solve the issue. Therefore from firmware update V1.0.3.24_1.1.20 onwards they have inadvertently created a bug for Android 2.2 when trying to join wifi. This issue is unlikely to be resolved with any future firmware updates since the number of android 2.2 users is so small it couldn't possibly warrant the necessary attention. I am updating my post in case any one else has this same problem in the future. I hope I don't have other issues now by rolling back since there have been 35+ bugs resolved since this firmware I'm now using.

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