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R7000 Bricked by Auto Firmware Update to

I woke up this morning to a broken home network, and upon inspection, all the LEDs on my R7000 were out except the LAN 1 port activity LED (which was flashing normally), and the power LED, which was blinking white. I Googled this and found out that this meant most likly my router was bricked by a firmware update. I have automatic firmware updates on for my R7000, so I assumed it may have attempted to automatically update overnight and failed. I used the instructions here to download the old firmware (using a tether through my mobile) and then used Windows 10 tftp client to push it, and it worked.


So, I turned off automatic firmware updates. I checked and indeed my R7000 is telling me there is a firmware update available to Netgear's website doesn't have this available for download (latest on the website is, and Netgear support doesn't know anything about this new firmware. Here are the details about the firmware from my R7000's firmware update page:


New firmware is found. Do you want to update the firmware?
Current GUI Language Version:
New GUI Language Version:
Current Firmware Version1.0.9.88
New Firmware Version1.0.10.90_10.2.90
Release Notes:
 1.   [Warning] NETGEAR continuously evaluates and develops new WiFi router features, which we feel deliver greater customer value and experiences. In order to bring you new, highly requested features, such as smart parental controls and advanced cyber-threat protection, starting firmware version V1.0.9.88 for the Nighthawk AC1900 (Models: R7000), following legacy features have been removed: iTunesServer, Kwilt Photosharing, Time Machine Backup, TiVo support for media sharing, DLNA, and Downloader feature (which was in beta).
 2.   [Warning] If you wish to continue using any of these specific features, please DO NOT update to firmware version V1.0.9.88 or later for the Nighthawk AC1900 (Models: R7000) and TURN OFF the auto-firmware update setting.
 3.   [Bug Fixes] Fixes typos in the GUI.
 4.   [Bug Fixes] Fixes an issue where the router shows disconnected devices as connected even though they were disconnected hours ago.


I don't know if something just went wrong last night and it was a one-off problem, or if this firmware is bad. I haven't tried manually updating to it. I just want a working home network and don't want to risk bricking my router. So, I would recommend you turn off automatic firmware updates, and wait for others to either report problems with or tell us that is working for them.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 Bricked by Auto Firmware Update to

Given the current state of NETGEAR firmware, it is strongly recommended to keep auto-update disabled. NG only recently added this functionality and I still ask myself why they did, given that they have horrible firmware. I can understand such a functionality on routers with somewhat decent firmware but not on NG ones. Their firmware always fixes something and breaks a few things at the same time. There were some reports of auto-update bricking routers and it's not isolated to a single model. I never trust auto-update for these reasons


As for the version itself, NG first pushes new firmware to its update servers and after that they appear on the download page

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Re: R7000 Bricked by Auto Firmware Update to

Add me to the list. Had to upload the previous firmware via tftp
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Re: R7000 Bricked by Auto Firmware Update to

Mine didn't brick, but this firmware seemed to have some of the same issues as V1.0.9.88_10.2.88.


I turned off auto-update and rolled back to V1.0.9.42_10.2.44 which seems to be the last STABLE version.


See thread at

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