R7000 Firmware Readyshare Problem


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Yeah! No Joke that Netgear is F'ing clueless these days.  .60 came out within days of .50.  That already informed us that the "developement" team (and I use that term lossely) is in freefall.  That .60 was equally infirmed was just further proof of what ANY of us who have tried to deal with the morons at Netgear have known for some time.  

Obviously the RT7000 is not a priority for them.  They will leave errors forever unaddressed.  
I've rolled back to 9.42 and frankly, further research done right here on this forum make me think I SHOULD role back further than that!  

When I foolishly updated to .59 my router booted up with all my settings erased.  I had backup of my configurations so I was able to retrieve ALL.  But with every router reset, ALL would again be erased.  Given that the R7000 needs to be rebooted very often it was just too much hastle.  
I'm pretty much ready to go 3rd party now with R7000 'OS's"  I should have done LONG ago.   Lose my Netgear support if I do!?  What A LOSS!!!

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R7000 Firmware Readyshare Problem

I have got a new beta firmware beta 1210 for my router R7000 and now everything worked for me. No problems after a reboot. But I can not post the firmware here, sorry.
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Re: R7000 Firmware Readyshare Problem

Hmm, the .58 was the OLD ONE before .60 that was pulled. Possible that support is checking if it worked in that release (also pulled mainly for wireless problems it seemed)? Normally firmware is developed and the next number in the release is used, so the next would be .61 and so on. Normally more than one 'build' which takes the next number would be required to get all fixes in as well as any regressions discovered, or an arbitrary number higher than the last is assigned to a build for release.


I surely wouldn't share that file. However, who really knows what NG Support is doing? They could have discarded all builds and started fresh (doubt that though).

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Re: R7000 Firmware Readyshare Problem

The Beta is just a test I wouldn't worry so much about the naming... 


I really hope the full release comes soon as V1.0.9.42 has a load of issues, frequent loss of the router web interface (have to restart the router to get it back up even after just one day), phone disconnects often and tried factory resetting devices and router, HDD appears to disconnect often and have trouble writing sometimes and the network is performing poor as well. These must be to do with the memory leak / WiFi etc fixes that .60 is meant to resolve.  Shame .60 causes other issues...


Just about had it with this router now, waste of a fair bit of money. Think I've had trouble in the past with Netgear firmware with other devices so that'll be one to cross off for the next purchases for good. Shame because they have a lot of the market. Someone shouldn't have this many problems after they "upgrade" from a standard ISP home router....

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Re: R7000 Firmware Readyshare Problem

@Laurence3D wrote:

The Beta is just a test I wouldn't worry so much about the naming... 


Knowing how s/w is developed and binaries are built, yes, the naming can be crucial. Why? So everyone knows what was done? Normally the last released code is used and built on, and the release number upped. Build libraries of code are kept that way. That is how ALL old/prior code is included to bring along all the prior content. Now If it is only one person doing all the work (which I doubt) it may not matter.


Possible NG wanted to start with .58 and not .60 (probably has a .59 too that was never released) and didn't want to do anything but a 'bench' build and send it to you. If it worked, it would be added to the most recent code (probably higher than .60) but there could be a chance it would break that last build.


If you'd like to look at the code, it is HERE. Note that there is NO code available for V1.0.9.58 as it was pulled, but .60 and .42 is there. If you look at all the releases you'll see no specific numbering system for releases. Intermediate builds were done, test, fixed, and built and the next number.



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