R7000 Firmware updates


R7000 Firmware updates

So, I am on firmware version 1.07.12_1.2.5 after downgrading from a newer release which gave me problems recognizing my 350MB internet connection upgrade 2 months ago.  It wasn't getting any faster than 120MB on any of the 4 ports.  After the downgrade I'm getting excellent speeds now.  I followed the steps and information from this posting:


I received an email last month that a firmware update is available but I'm very hesitant to update it now that its working (after hours of troubleshooting the first time around and a router factory reset).  I noticed there is a long list of bug fixes with this latest update but I'm still not convinced I should try it since I've seen some folks run into issues with the firmware upgrade.  


The only issue I am having that is on the list of bug fixes is the with app not recognizing my login to the router.  

So the question is:  Do I stay with the 1.0.7.xx version or try upgrading to the latest?  Like I said earlier, its working fine and the speeds are very good.  Thanks.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 Firmware updates

Anything after .42 firmware version is a total mess. I suggest not updating if all works fine, or update to .42 version. Alternatievely you can load FreshTomato third party firmware which works very well on the R7000 (that is, if you're interested)

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