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1. Image posting rules

2. Hiding ALL in red doesn't do much. Hiding SSID will do nothing in forum . You can hide mac address if you want but rest can be post as it

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Re: R7000 New User Questions

Can someone with a R7000 test it's USB 3.0 performance and report back? Just a simple copying of a file from the PC to the readyshare and then also when directly connected to a PC in MBps, any USB 3.0 HDD will do. A CrystalDiskmark comparison would be nice if anyone wanted to do a more thorough comparison of the performance difference. Thanks.
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Re: R7000 New User Questions

Lexist2112 wrote:
If your referring to channels, then yes there located in the drop down scroll in both the 2.4 & 5ghz config page

Believe it or not, I had enabled WMM on both the 2.4 & 5ghz and enabled Qos on the up and downstream. Noticed that on certain web pages such as Best buy looking over their weekly ads it took awhile to load the pictures. Streaming websites were stuttering and poor over the WIFI, a bit better over wired. I ended up disabling WMM and Qos and everything works great 😄

You can enable the auto update for the Qos downsteam streaming data update. Iam giving it a month or so before I enable those features, hopefully the database will grow when more users are buying this unit. Dlink has the DGL 5500 with streamboost and auto bandwith estimator. Ultimatley we ended up disabling all the features except for the auto update of stream boost data.

You'll see your speeds are much faster including ping time when youdisable those features. You can test it enables and disabled to test it out. But I think you'll find disabling is the way to go for now. If you have Xbox, configure the ALL the ports and you will have OPEN NAT.

curious if you just disable this on the AP, or also on all the clients? right now i have it enabled on both sides and stability / performance is crap.

going to try this next
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Re: R7000 New User Questions

note to others, don't disable wmm on win 8.1 x64, made my system VERY unstable .

giving up on the WMM experiment now..
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