R7000 Night Hawk AC1900


R7000 Night Hawk AC1900

The icon at top right of MacPro, which shows wifi networks avaible, used to show NETGEAR72 and NETGEAR72 5G as possible selections.  I generally used the 5G one and left it at that.  A couple days ago, computer seemed a bit slower so I checked and found that there is no longer a NetGear72 5G option.  I am not very computeristic, so wondering if I did something to kill the 5G option.  If I did, how do I fix it.  If I did not, perhaps I just need to wait until it decides to display again.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: R7000 Night Hawk AC1900

Go with a browser to the routers Web UI at and find out why it's no longer showing?

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