R7000 Nighthawk Dropping Only 5G Wifi Signal


R7000 Nighthawk Dropping Only 5G Wifi Signal

I've been having problems on and off for the past year with my Nighthawk router dropping only the 5G signal. The 2.4 and wired connections have no problem when it goes out.


The devices often show as 'connected' to the WIFI, but have no signal strength or ability to load pages.

I've attempted the following;

-RMA Replacement

-Factory Reset (on the original and replacement)
-Power Cycle

-Clean Install of Latest Firmware

And nothing seems to work. It had been better recently until the last month where now it appears to be having the problem on a daily basis.

Also of note:
I actually happened to have the Router Management page up when it went out last night and it showed the 5G devices as being subtracted from the total number of devices on the homepage. When I clicked in it showed all of the devices that should be listed under 5G Wireless as 'wired'. A wire connection isn't possible for any of these devices since they're all things like phones.

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: R7000 Nighthawk Dropping Only 5G Wifi Signal

Revert to .42 firmware, last 2 releases have been a mess.

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