R7000 Nighthawk - replacing two old Syslink routers - are they compatable with Arris Model DG1670A


R7000 Nighthawk - replacing two old Syslink routers - are they compatable with Arris Model DG1670A

I am interested in purchasing two Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Model R7000-NES100 routers for my Bed and Breakfast.
To avoid possible problems due to incorrect selection, I was hoping you could provide me with some answers to some questions.
First, let me give you some background:
We own a Bed & Breakfast consisting of two side-by-side mansions.  Approx 18 yrs ago, we installed WiFi for our guests by doing the following:
We had AT&T DSL run into mansion #1 (Main bldg.)  from the modem, we ran approx. 40 ft of Cat5 cable to wireless Router #1.  From Router #1, we ran approx. 100 ft of Cat5 cable to wireless Router #2 (via underground conduit) in mansion #2.  We also ran approx. 40 ft of Cat5 cable from Router #1 to office desktop computer.  These routers (Lynksys EA6300 routers) also provided us with guest password capability.
Within the last month, we upgraded by switching to a Cable TV/internet provider with high speed internet that has much higher speeds than our previous DSL.  However, we noted that the corresponding upgraded speed did not transfer to our WiFi service.  We determined that the current routers were the culprit.
Our new/current layout is the same as the previous one, except for the following:  the modem has been replaced with a gateway (?) modem/router - an Arris Model DG1670A.  Based upon what I have read, it appears that the NetGear Nighthawk AC1900 Model R7000-NES100 would provide the necessary upgrade required.
So - three questions:
A)  Should I be using routers in combination with the gateway (I assume they would have to be in bridge configuration - Gateway to Router #1 and Router #1 to Router #2, with the office desktop feeding directly from the gateway)?  And would the Nighthawk AC1900 be the ones to use (i.e., will they provide the necessary WiFi speed and load capability - we have five guest rooms and the office in the main bldg., and 4 guest rooms in mansion #2)?  Or should I be using some other device - e.g. an extender?
B) Should I reconfigure cabling (first configuration in (A) above is easiest methodology, but perhaps not most efficient) - perhaps running new Cat5 cable from Gateway to Router #2 instead of from Router #1 to Router #2 (i.e., would there be a significant improvement in response/speed and load capability by running it this way instead of (A) configuration)?
C)  We had been told by our cable installer that Netgear was the most compatible with our new gateway - Arris Model DG1670A.  Was he right - would the Nighthawk AC1900 model R7000 routers be compatible?
If you could respond ASAP I would appreciate it, as I would like to purchase these and install at the beginning of next week
Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 Nighthawk - replacing two old Syslink routers - are they compatable with Arris Model DG16

This is just my personal opinion, but you should install business-class Access Points (AP). While R7000s can be configured as APs, I think they are not meant to be used in a business. The guest Wi-Fi is lacking basic features that I think you would want to use, such as a captive portal, per-user passwords, traffic monitoring, access control and bandwidth and time limits. Each Wi-Fi band is also limited to 32 clients. This may not be sufficient if you ever host a large party.

This being a Netgear forum, you may want to check out their business class wireless products at I don't have any experience with them. There are other brands, of course. PM me if you want suggestions.
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