R7000 REMOTE ACCESS - Download VPN Profiles


R7000 REMOTE ACCESS - Download VPN Profiles


Silly situation I am in, after Netgear upgraded the firmware (fixing security related issues w. the VPN Certificates) I was forced to generate new Certificates. Everything went fine, my router restarted and I can access via GenieApp. However, VPN connections - obviously - dont work anymore (since new certs havent been configured yet). And this is my issue: I cant download the new vpn profiles using the genie apps remote login. In fact, the genie app doesnt support much ....any way to work around this? I am physically nowhere near my router. So no chance to locally enter my routers network.

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Re: R7000 REMOTE ACCESS - Download VPN Profiles

Hm, indeed a missing feature for both the Genie App as well as the new Nightawk App. Both don't allow to enable the Remote Management for temporarily exposing the Web based Genie Web UI on the defined https port.

Clearly two missing features - worth adding to Idea Exchange for Home in my opinion. 

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