R7000 Reserved IP names not updating


R7000 Reserved IP names not updating

Hi.  I use reserved IP's along with DHCP.  I made an old PC into a NAS and so I wanted to change the reserved IP name.  When I look in attached devices it always shows the original name for the attached device that I put in when the motherboard with built in NIC (same MAC address) was effectively a different device on my network.  This is the same thing that happened for another device that I tried to change the reserved IP name for.  Now I have two devices in my attached devices list that shows the name that I originally had put in for these MAC addresses.


Any ideas?  Maybe I should just erase and remake these reservations.  Either way there seems to be a bit of a bug.


Otherwise I have had good success with this router.  


Firmware version is V1.0.6.28_1.1.83








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Re: R7000 Reserved IP names not updating

You cannot change the name in address reservations, it will not last. You can can change the name in Access Control.

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