Re: R7000 Stable Firmware?


Re: R7000 Stable Firmware?

Advanced Tomato works great, you just have to make sure and enable Cut Through Forwarding on the advanced settings "Miscellaneous" page of Advancted Tomato's configuration portal. Usually


The downside of CTF, which Netgear firmware uses by default, is that you can't use QoS, or Bandwidth monitoring etc.


If you just want a fast router w/o all the nonsense enabled, Advanced Tomato w/ CTF works great.


I had to switch from the TERRIBLE default firmware becuase anytime I upgraded past a certain point I couldn't access files on the USB connected laptop HDD at speeds of over 1MB/s. On older firmware I could get maybe 30MB/s.


Using Advanced Tomato with the "Paragon" NTFS driver I can get speeds of 40MB/s read & write from the laptop HDD plugged into the USB port. It's being shared over the network, but not with DLNA or other stuff like that, just as a Samba share.


In actuality, I own an R6700, but I reflashed the board to turn it into an R7000 because no custom firmware exists for the R6700 router that netgear abandoned.


The only difference between the R6700 and the R7000 is that the latter has an additional USB port. That doesn't matter to the firmware you are running on the device though, at least not if it's third party.


The ONLY issue I have with this router is that if I use Cut Through Forwarding to achieve 480mb/s download speed I can't monitor the bandwidth usage to make sure I stay under my limit. That being said, I can easily check it at my ISP's website so it doesn't really matter.


Without CTF I'm looking at around 300-350mb/s max d/l speed over the internet and I'd prefer to take full advantag of the 400mb/s, overprovisioned to 480mb/s that I'm paying for.


At the end of the day, if you have this router use Advanced Tomato. If you're thinking about buying a netgear router, RUN as FAST as you can in the opposite direction.


If you are thinking about buying a Netgear cable modem, those work fine, except they have a warranty that is 1 year less than the competition.


Also, make sure you don't buy a cable modem w/ an intel chipset. There is currently a class action lawsuit pending aginst Arris over their use of the horrible Intel Puma 6 chipset.


Any Cable Modem you might buy NEEDS to have a broadcom chipset or you'll get stuck with the endless problems that people have had with Intel's horrible Puma chipset. Whether it be Puma 5, 6 or 7, they are all garbage.

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